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  • Travel in France

    NB: Of course this is not an exhaustive list and you will probably find other websites and guides on the internet.
    Several websites and guides exist:
    France Travel
    France Tourism
    Rough Guide
    Lonely (...)

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  • Visa Requirements

    For all visa requirements please refer to our official website on which all the details are provided.

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  • Study in France

    If you want to study in France, a specialized website exists for that exact purpose. You can consult it to get a better idea on how.
    You can also consult the Campus France website, the French national agency that (...)

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  • An example of successful grant holder : Shilpa Kumar-Roine

    After obtaining a BSc degree at the University of the South Pacific (USP), Shilpa KUMAR-ROINE applied and obtained a scholarship from the French Embassy in Fiji to travel to New Caledonia and/or France for a period of training.

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