100 Days: Countdown to Paris COP 21


100 Days: Countdown to Paris COP 21

The Embassy of France in Fiji, in collboration with USP PACE-SD and SPC PacTVET hosts a weeklong conference on "Climate Change Adaptation in the South Pacific" in Suva from August 17 -20.

The 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 21) will be held in Paris in 100 days from now.

The vulnerability of the Pacific Islands to climate change has been the subject of significant round table dialogue and discussions based on reliable scientific information.

It is a global problem with wide-ranging impacts and in the South Pacific region, it is essential that the messages are communicated successfully with the various stakeholders to the local communities.



As the chair of the next COP21, France is fully mobilized to achieve an ambitious and legally binding agreement. And its diplomatic network is also mobilized for this.

In this context, the French Embassy in Suva in conjunction with The University of the South Pacific (USP) and with the participation of EU PacTVET have organised a science and culture week on ‘Climate Change Adaptation in the South Pacific’ from August 17 to 20. The event will be officially opened by the Fijian Foreign Affairs Minister, Honourable Ratu Inoke Kubuabola at the USP Japan ICT Center on Monday, August 17.

“This event comes as an important reminder of the risks posed by climate change and the urgent need to take action. The aim of this climate change conference and of the workshop organised during the week is to provide advice and examples of best practice of how to communicate adaptation to climate change and mitigation through reduction of emissions, all this with only 100 days to go before the COP 21 in Paris,” says French Embassy Chargé d’affaires, Jules Irrmann.

“It is also to inform the general public of the policies and actions adopted by some of the Pacific Island countries.

“The conference will also bring together government officials, civil society organizations and climate change professionals from the region as well as partners for development and international organisations (the EU, GIZ, SPC, PIDF, and IUCN). A French climate change expert from France, Nicolas Bériot will also be here for the week,” Mr Irrmann said.

Mr Bériot is currently the general secretary of the National Observatory on Climate Change Impacts at the French Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable Development.
USP’s pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (PaCE-SD) Director, Professor Elisabeth Holland said they were proud to be hosting the weeklong event at USP.

“PaCE-SD, through USP, is proud to be hosting this week of ‘science and culture’ on the road to Paris and a robust climate change agreement,” Professor Holland said.

Also, acknowledging the important role of art and Pacific artists on climate change awareness, the weeklong event will also be marked by cultural performances by a poet from New Caledonia, Yamasango, who will also perform with Fijian artists.

An exhibition, titled “Ocean and Climate” is also organised with the screening of the documentary “There Once Was an Island” and dance performances during the week.

You can read the full statements and Press Releases below:

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discours ouverture science and culture week
(PDF - 314.8 kb)
PDF - 26.5 kb
Honourable Ratu Inoke KUBUABOLA, Minister Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation Address
(PDF - 26.5 kb)
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Joint Press Statement - Climate Change Adaptation in the South Pacific conference
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Press Release - USP on Climate Change
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Published on 25/08/2015

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