22nd September 2022- The screening of “Suprêmes” at AF Suva: a hip-hop themed cross-cultural experience

On Thursday 22nd, the Alliance française hosted its usual Ciné-club. However, this one had a special vibe, as it was also the occasion of welcoming some local performers of hip-hop, and sharing international views on this kind of music and artistic expression

Alliance française usually organizes screenings of French and French-speaking movies every two weeks, in its premises. With the help of a cinema consultant, conversations are always organized right after the screening, in order to discuss the greatest points of interest that can be found in each movie, whether it is about the cinematography, the content, the topic… It is a great way to showcase Francophone cultures and to give access to a variety of different cinemas of the world, with different propositions, going from French romantic dramas to stories set in Ivorian prisons. Indeed, one of the missions of the Alliance française throughout the world is to make these cultures and various faces of Francophonie visible and known.

On this 22nd of September however, the Alliance française had a special session of this Ciné-Club. The movie that has been screened, ‘Suprêmes’, being situated in a predominant social background (the Paris suburbs in the 90s) and highlighting the early stages of the development of the famous rap band NTM, was giving a perfect setting to discuss hip-hop in Fiji. Therefore, the screening has not been followed by the usual talk about the aesthetics of the movie in itself, but rather about the similarities of French and Fijian rap, and the Fijian rap and hip-hop scene, style, and creation in general.

All of that became possible thanks to our special guest for the night, Mr Grin, who came with a crew of prominent members from the Fijian hip-hop. Mr Grin, also known as Dave Lavaki, has been and still is one of the important figures of this art expression here in Fiji Islands: he has been the key for the understanding of the rap/hip-hop culture during that night for the audience who was there, and has been very knowledgeable and interesting.

The Alliance française has been very happy to host such a cross-cultural event, which is exactly what it is meant to be doing. Keep tuned for more of them coming up in the next months!

Last updated on: 3 October 2022