3 March 2023 – French Ambassador officiates at Prefects Badging

It was a proud moment for French Ambassador to Fiji, Mr François-Xavier Léger while officiating as the Chief Guest at the Prefects Investiture Ceremony for Dr Ram Lakhan Memorial Primary School in Suva on Friday 3 March 2023.

The prefects badging ceremony saw 70 prefects from the school given the chance to lead the school during the academic year. Prefects were also given responsibilities as library assistants, environment monitors, class prefects and junior prefects.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Léger reminded the students and prefects the importance of being a good leader.

For the students, it is an important day for you today as you will know and select those that will lead you and guide you through the school year. I am told that Dr Ram Lakhan Memorial Primary School has a rich history and significance attached to it. The school was established in 1975 and is under the management of Arya Pratinidhi sabha Fiji. The Primary School roll is 386 and Early ChildHood (ECCE) has the roll of 50 children. It is a medium school with 14 teachers from ECCE to Primary with majority of the children being from very poor backgrounds and are staying in squatter settlements near to the school,” Mr. Léger said.

Mr. Léger further stressed that where a person came from should never decide of whom they would become and what they would in the future.

Education is the key and it can take you places if you have the right mind-set and determination in you to achieve your goals. For the 40 girls and 30 boys chosen to be leaders for the school today, this is an achievement and you should cherish this responsibility. However, with any leadership, comes great responsibilities. You will be tasked to lead by example, guide, protect and mostly importantly listen to your fellow students and teachers,” Mr. Léger said.

The Ambassador thanked the Acting Head of School, the school management, teachers and parents for inviting him to represent the Embassy at such an important event.

Meanwhile, Acting Head of School, Mr. Manoj Kumar thanked Mr. Léger for officiating at the event.

Last updated on: 6 March 2023