A French director to conduce the workshops of the Kula Awards Programme [fr]

Cinema is a French invention by the Lumière brothers who shot the first movie ever. In France, the government strongly supports the cinematographic industry while regulating the the market. This attitude, linked to the general success of the French movies is supported by Unifrance, which promotes French movies abroad. Being such a huge part of the French culture, the cinema in Fiji is naturally sponsored by the Embassy of France who will bring an experienced French filmmaker to conduce the highschool workshops.

The film maker, Jérôme Genevray, is better known for TV commercials and short movies but also takes care of the Sarlat Film Festival in which he teaches and judges the work of 700 secondary students specialized in cinema. That’s why he seems logically the best filmmaker for this job especially as he even wrote a book on how to make a movie in 4 days.

Launch of the 2016 Kula Awards - JPEG Film Fiji chief executive officer Dallas Foon, Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Film Fiji chairperson Shaenaz Voss and Embassy of France, Cultural Officer Fanny Louvel during the launch of the 2016 Kula Awards. Photo: Shahani Mala (Fiji Sun)

For the 11th year of the awards, launched in 2006 to develop ground for high school students to initiate them to the audio/visual industry, three themes will be treated: film, dance and art.

Mr Faiyaz Koya, Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism explained that that “Film Fiji", through the Kula Film Awards, has been showcasing Fiji’s best talents with an increase, over the years, of the quality of the performances. This industry is importatn because it can bring DFE (Direct Foreign Investments)

He added that the money spent on productions was mainly for goods and services purchased in Fiji, helping Fijian businesses and providing employment for Fijians, especially as the Kula Awards can give high school students a gain in exposure and grow the resources and skill base for the industry.

Film Fiji chief executive officer Dallas Foon said: “Entries for all three streams submitted in the past have been of the highest quality.

“We encourage all high school students to participate and showcase their creativity,” he said.

Mr Foon said they have already registered 23 schools.

“As the Kula Awards enters its second decade, we will be raising the bar yet again and adding new award categories for students to compete for.

“I would like to thank the Ministry of Education for their support,” he said.

Film Fiji will run workshops around the country with professionals in all three streams of the creative arts providing training for all who will be competing. French Embassy, represented by the cultural officer Fanny Louvel, has partnered with Film Fiji to bring in an award winning French Director to conduct the workshop.

Meanwhile, the Kula Award Programme will be on July 22 and 23.

Published on 10/08/2016

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