A French navy vessel “La Moqueuse” docked at Kings Warf in Suva on June 29,2019.

This vessel “La Moqueuse” commanded by Captain Yoann Jose Maria, and a crew of 30 French Navy members arrived in the country to patrol the Fiji Exclusive Economic Zone. The navy vessel "La Moqueuse" is based in New Caledonia and its mission is to monitor the waters of neighboring countries.

“La Moqueuse” stayed in the country for two days before leaving on patrol in international waters.

The ship will retire next year, however it will be replace by another ship.

La Moqueuse Captain Yoann Jose Maria says that they are always sending information to the Fiji Navy if they see any suspicious activity happening in the Fiji waters.

Jose Maria says lately they have not found any drug trafficking or illegal fishing in Fiji’s EEZ which is good news.

The vessel is small, however has been active for more than 33 years.

It is 54 meters long and 8 meters wide and 440 metric tons of displacement. Powered by two 4000 horsepower engines, the vessel’s capacity to cover 4,200 nautical miles with an autonomy of 15 knots per hour.


Last updated on: 8 July 2019