A century after the First Olympic Games in Paris, in 1924, the City of Lights will welcome the Olympic Games again

The last step in the Olympic Games’ run has taken place in Lima, Peru, on September the 13th. The Olympic Committee had to decide which one from Paris or Los Angeles will welcome the 2024 Games. We are proud to announce that Paris has met the adhesion of the committee.

Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, has declared that this victory “celebrate a collective volunteer and determined effort”. Indeed, the entire diplomatic French network has been involved in the support of Paris 2024 candidacy and has participated to his promotion, still in the respect of the good sense of ethics wanted by the International Olympic committee.
The Embassy of France in Fiji in a tight partnership with the Alliance française of Suva has organized a supporting event last July. This strong support from the whole French citizens and the success this event had towards the Fijian partners and audience has made this event a real echo here in Fiji. The French Minister explained that many of those events, all over the World, organized by Embassies, Alliances, French Institutes and other French agencies have illustrated the sport and Olympic values such as respect and friendship but also enlightened about French attractiveness, innovation and high quality expertise. French language and culture have always been attractive in the world and it is actually one of the two official languages of the International Olympic Committee.

The 2024 Paris Games will be sustainable and inclusive. The rational budget, according to the Minister and the project’s leaders, put in the light the COP21 priorities: innovation, restoration, access, inclusion and eco-responsibility.
The entire French diplomatic network will continue to promote this social, friendly and sport event until 2024.

Find the July’s speech of H.E Mr. Michel Djokovic here:

PDF - 70.5 kb
(PDF - 70.5 kb)

Published on 20/09/2017

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