Book of Condolences: the Embassy thanks you for your support [fr]

The embassy wishes to thank everyone who showed their support and declared their condolences following the terrible event which hit France on 14th July (15th July in Fiji). Every testimony is essential in these atrocious moments which have to give way to remembrance and mourning.

The highest authorities of Fiji, the president of the republic Maj Gen Ret’d Jioji Konrote in front, wanted to demonstrate their solidarity.
They were followed by the ambassadors of the countries represented in Fiji, as well as by economic actors, and representatives of the French community.

As the president of the Republic staed in a speech given following the Nice attack, "France is in tears, it’s deeply distressed, but it’s strong and will always be stronger – I assure you of that – than the fanatics who seek to attack it today.”

Published on 10/08/2016

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