COVID-19 / Certificate of derogatory international travel to mainland France and overseas (April 6, 2020)

Within the framework of the implementation of the instruction of the Prime Minister n ° 6149 / SG of March 18, 2020 relating to the decisions taken to fight against the diffusion of Covid-19 as regards border control, the Ministry of the Interior has established models for a derogatory international movement certificate to mainland France or the French overseas territories (These documents are attached in French and English versions).

This certificate will be required for entry or transit on French territory from Monday April 6 at 6 p.m. (Paris time).

Accompanied by supporting documents demonstrating the status invoked, it will be presented to transport companies, before the use of the ticket, by passengers wishing to travel to French territory. It will also be presented to the authorities in charge of border control, for all types of border:

- at the external borders of France (air, sea, land connections, including rail links);

- at the internal borders of France.

People traveling to French overseas collectivities are also informed that they will be subject, upon their arrival in the collectivity, to a health check which may give rise to the adoption of a placement order in quarantine in a dedicated structure or at home.

The above link is from the French Consulate General in New York. It explains in details of any international trip and also returning to France.

Last updated on: 10 April 2020