French Embassy and Mr Amrit Organizes meeting for NGOs

The French Embassy together with Mr Ajay Bhai Amrit organized a meeting with local and international Non-governmental organizations and various embassies yesterday at the French Residence in Suva.

The meeting’s objective was to create a platform for these organizations to share ideas and help one another going forward.

French Ambassador to Fiji, H.E Jean-François Fitou says we know that various organizations are doing their best to support those in need and it’s also time for grassroots level and I include myself to help each other.

Fitou says this meeting is the first step of an informal platform where you can exchange ideas, information and maybe you could ask each other’s help and have few ideas.

Co-organizer Ajay Amrit says basically the meeting is to bring together the majority of NGOs who are doing this fantastic work during these unprecedented times especially with this Covid-19.

Amrit says these organizations are now at the forefront helping those in need and are continuously doing a great job.

He says these NGOs have stepped up and are really one of the most essential workers we have in Fiji today.

More than 20 NGOs and 6 Embassies attended the event.

Last updated on: 30 July 2020