Emile Bravo

Émile Bravo followed technical studies, but eventually chose an artistic profession. In 1988, he illustrated ’Figthers’, a series written and published by Jacques Sorg. Bravo also did commissions for the communication field, such as ’Objectif Tube’ for Extrupecis. In 1990, he made ’Ivoire’ with writer Jean Regnaud in the collection Atomium of the publishing house Magic-Strip. With the same writer, he conceived three albums of ’Aleksis Strogonov’ between 1993 and 1998. With its mix of semi-realism and Clear Line drawing style, this series marked Bravo’s accession to the masters of French comics art.

He started writing his own scripts in 1998, starting with the series ’Jules’, which was published in the magazine Okapi and in albums by Dargaud. He contributed to the Comix 2000 anthology of L’Association, and worked as an illustrator. Together with Joann Sfar, he cooperated with the magazine Ferraille Illustré, for which he made the ’Blake & Mortimer’ parody ’Les Aventures de Swartz et Totenheimer’. In 2003, he drew ’C’était la Guerre Mondiale’ for Éditions Bréal and subsequently worked for the collection La Bande Des Petits of Éditions du Seuil with ’Boucle d’Or et les Sept Ours Nains’.


Published on 17/03/2008

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