Fiji passport holders to travel to New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Wallis & Futuna

For New-Caledonia

Fiji passports holder do not need a visa to go for less than 90 days in New-Caledonia. Nevertheless you should show some documents at the border.

The following supporting documents must be presented at the request of the Border Police upon your arrival in New-Caledonia :

  • A valid passport issued less than 10 years before and valid for at least 3 months beyond the period of attended stay.
  • Proof of accommodation covering the whole duration of the stay (hotel reservation and/or certificate of staying with a relative validated in the town hall "Attestation d’accueil")
  • Proof of health assurance which includes a repatriation guarantee
  • Sufficient financial means. The means of subsistence shall be assessed according to the duration and purpose of the stay and by reference to the average prices for accommodation and food in New Caledonia
  • Your return ticket or the financial means to acquire one at the envisaged return date;
  • Medical cover up to 30 000 euros

Note: The criteria in force are set at 65€ per day of presence in New Caledonia. For those who present a hotel reservation "paid", it will be 31€ if the traveler presents accommodation documents and 120€ per day if the passenger does not have those documents.
Any proof of resources is accepted such as Visa Premium card, statement of account, etc.

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  • Passports and/or passport replacing documents issued more than 10 years prior to date of travel are not accepted.
  • Passports and/or passport replacing documents of all visitors must contain at least 2 unused visa pages.

For French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna

Fijian nationals are exempt of visa for short stays (up to 90 days per 6-months period) for French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna. Therefore, you will not need a visa, unless you stay there for over 90 days.

Regardless, you will be required to display all relevant documents to the French Border Force on your arrival in French Polynesia:

  • All proofs pertaining to your accommodation, to your departure of the territory, your financial capacity (bank statements for instance), travel insurance covering your stay.
  • Should you fail to do so, entry may be denied.

You will also be required to comply with any covid-related measure for entry in French Polynesia that may be applicable by the time you travel. You will find them online.

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For any further visa requirement for French territories, you can check online on this website:

Last updated on: 4 March 2022