Portraits of Expatriates - Frederic Reynaud - BRED Bank Fiji

Q: Hello, thank you for accepting to answer our questions. To begin, could you please tell us briefly about your background?
I am a scholar. After a postgraduate diploma in internal audit in Aix en Provence, I spent more than 20 years in banking establishments in various positions with responsibilities between Europe, Africa and today, Pacific.

CEO of BRED Bank Fiji Mr Frederic Reynaud with their EMV VISA Debit Chip card that can access funds anywhere around the world and is safe and secure

Q: Where were you born? Tell us a bit about where you’re from; it’s cultural, social and geographic characteristics?
I come from Aix en Provence in the south-east of France. This is the melodious accent region of Pagnol where numerous artists lived, especially impressionists. This is a real artistic region.

Q: Please tell us about the company you work for?
BRED Bank Fiji is part of the BPCE group, second largest banking group in France and gathers 110, 000 employees of whom the BRED has 5, 000. The group is developing in the Pacific especially via BRED Bank operations in New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Tahiti, Wallis-and-Futuna and Fiji, of course, and more recently in the Solomon islands. In the region for several years, the BRED group is a universal bank. It aims at everyone, from private individuals to large corporate institutions.

Q: What is your job in this firm? What are your responsibilities as such?
I am the Chief Executive Officer of the BRED Bank Fiji and am responsible for its growth.

Q: When did you arrive in Fiji and how long will you stay?
I arrived in Fiji in October 2014 and will leave when my mission will be accomplished.

Q: What motivated you to come to Fiji?
Coming to the Fiji was an intragroup opportunity and I was interested by the challenge of a "start-up". The aim was indeed to develop a one year and half old company "from scratch". Finally, having never worked in the Pacific, the region piqued my curiosity.

Q: Do you like living in Fiji?
Yes, « so far so good » as we say it here. This is a truly culturally rich country with a fast growth, in a dynamic business environment.

Q : What do you aim at before the end of your stay in Fiji?
I aim at reaching the « breakeven » or balance, moment when the bank will have reached its break-even point and will be profitable.

Q: What shocked you the most, culturally, when you first arrived in Fiji?
There is not much which shocked me when I arrived in Fiji except maybe the food, very rich, and completely different from what I was used to.

Q: Would you come back to Fiji?
Yes, of course.


Q : As a businessman, what advice would you give Fiji to improve its national economy?(tourism, etc.)
I have no advice to give to Fijian people. They perfectly know how to do business and well know the business world.

Q: Your favourite place in Fiji?
There are many. But I like Raki Raki.

Q: Favourite restaurant?
The Eco café in Votua Village

Q: Favourite bar?
The GPH (Grand Pacific Hotel) bar

Q: Favourite beach?

Q: Worst memory?
The Cyclone Winston of course

Q: Best memory?
Diving in Fiji. This is beautiful.

Q: One word to describe the Fijians?
Hospitality !

Q: A last word in Fijian?

Published on 12/07/2016

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