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The fourth largest oil and gas company in the world, a major player in the chemical industry, with around 96104 employees as at the end of 2011; TOTAL operates in more than 130 countries on the five continents.
In response to long-term growing energy needs, the Total strategy is to adopt a sustainable growth model by combining acceptable industry practises with cost-effective investments.

History of TOTAL in the Pacific

TOTAL arrived in the Pacific in 1959. First in New-Caledonia, and later, in French Polynesia in the 60s. On November 1st 2006, TOTAL (Fiji) Limited was created, through the buyout of Shell in Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. The Group further opened outlets in Micronesia in August 2011, and Tuvalu, Kiribati and Nauru in September 2012, which brings its count to a total of 10 countries in the South-West Pacific.

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TOTAL (Fiji) Limited in the South-West Pacific

TOTAL (Fiji) Limited, main facts:

- Market leader
- 250 millions Euros of turnover
- 270 000 tons, in a market around 580 000 tons
- 45% of market shares in Fiji
- 20% of market shares in Tonga
- 7 terminals: 6 in Fiji, 1 in Tonga
- The biggest stocking capacity of South-West Pacific, 40 000 tons
- 2 sources of supply (Singapore and Korea) with 2 to 3 ships per month
- 115 full-time employees, 45 part-time employees
- Around 400 employees in total, including indirect jobs (supply chain or gas stations)
- Commitment to Road Safety, environment and sustainable development
- Several actions of sponsorship and solidarity

Implantation of TOTAL (Fiji) Limited in the Pacific

With 45% of market shares, TOTAL (Fiji) Limited is a leader on the fuel market in Fiji, where the company makes the largest volume of sales. In Tonga, TOTAL has 20% of market shares.

TOTAL (Fiji) Limited in terms of capacity

With its 7 terminals (6 in Fiji, 1 in Tonga), TOTAL (Fiji) Limited has the biggest stocking capacity of the South-West Pacific, which is around 40,000 tons. Each month, two to three ships, come in from Singapore or Korea to supply these terminals. TOTAL (Fiji) Limited is the only fuel company in the South-West Pacific with two sources of supply, which is a significant asset as it allows the company to diversify and to protect itself against risks such as ruptures in the supply chain.

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Walu Bay terminal, in Suva, Fiji

TOTAL (Fiji) Limited in terms of Human Resources

115 people are full-time employees of TOTAL (Fiji) Ltd, with 5 of them in Tonga. There are 112 local employees and three expatriates. As well as 45 part-time employees.
Including the indirect jobs created (supply chain or gas stations), TOTAL (Fiji) Limited employs around 400 persons in the Pacific.

Corporate Social Responsibility of TOTAL (Fiji) Limited

TOTAL (Fiji) Limited is the most active fuel company in Fiji and Tonga, in relation to CSA (Corporate Social Responsibility). It focuses mainly on four fields: road safety, environment, sustainable development and sponsorship.

- Road safety: In 2010, TOTAL (Fiji) Limited started an exclusive partnership with the LTA (Land Transport Authority). Together, they organised conferences on reducing polluting emission thanks to the fuel Total imports to Fiji and Tonga. In addition, Total put up information boards in more than 200 of the 900 schools in Fiji, and carries out awareness campaigns and activities for the students.

- Environment: TOTAL (Fiji) Limited fights actively for the protection of the mangrove, in Fiji as well as Tonga. Once a year, the team gathers and goes out into the field, to plant more than 2000 trees. Total also put up around 250 trash cans in 8 towns and cities in Fiji (Suva, Nadi, Labasa, Lautoka, etc) in order to encourage people to keep their surroundings clean.

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One trash can of Total in the streets of Suva
(Photo: French Embassy)

- Sustainable development: TOTAL (Fiji) Limited has two projects on solar energy, one of them on a big scale in Fiji. Some “clean-up campaigns” are also organised on the seven terminals. About 40 employees spend half-a-day to clean the terminals. These volunteer activities, which take place on week-ends, demonstrate Total’s desire to respect the environment.

- Sponsorship: TOTAL (Fiji) Limited is a sponsor of the Alliance Française. Mr. David Kalife, managing director, was a member of the jury which decided on 7 scholarships for Fiji students to go to study in France. Total also supports the “Fête de la Musique” and the “14 Juillet” (French National Day). In 2012, the company will support the creation of an artists’ residency which will lead to an exposition of Melanesian Arts in the Pacific, in cooperation with the cultural department of the Embassy of France.

- Solidarity actions: TOTAL (Fiji) Limited also steps in whenever it is necessary. Following the flooding that hit Fiji recently, Total gave food to 200 households in the West. 10 bags of 70 litres each, containing clothes, were also donated. In addition, 30 employees went out into the field to help the local population.

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Total is also engaged in the Pacific Games
(Photo: French Embassy)

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Published on 29/05/2012

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