French Embassy in Suva celebrates ’Galette des Rois’

French Embassy in Suva celebrates 'Galette des Rois'

The French Embassy last week hosted the French, the Fijian communities together with Diplomatic Corps to the "Galette des Rois".

The French have been serving up galette des rois since the 14th-century.

Traditionally, it’s served on January 6th – the 12th day of Christmas – to celebrate the Epiphany, a religious feast day commemorating the arrival of the Three Kings to the manger where Jesus was born.

Today, it’s eaten throughout the month of January and is simply a festive way to celebrate the new year with family and friends, regardless of religious background.

The event was also a great opportunity for a local car dealer ’Niranjans’ to showcase French brand ’Renault’ vehicles to various businesses in Fiji.

On behalf of the Embassy, we would like to thank everyone who attended and those who were also not able to attend.

Last updated on: 5 February 2020
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