Fund for cultural, economic and social Developement in the Pacific

An instrument of regional cooperation, the Fund for economic, social and cultural cooperation for the Pacific (Pacific Fund) supports economic, social and cultural programmes conducted by regional states and contributes to the regional integration of New Caledonia, French Polynesia and the Islands of Wallis and Futuna.

This fund which forms part of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs budget is managed by the Permanent Sercretariat for the Pacific. It is not a substitute for bilateral cooperation aid programmes but is targeted more at projects of a regional nature (with the exception of specific cases) and favours the opening up of French territories toward their regional environment and support for a French-speaking environment. In general, the fund is dedicated to promoting the regional integration of these countries and the strengthening of partnerships with Oceanian nations and their regional organisations.

In concrete terms the Pacific Fund provides support to the funding allocated by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and by the French Agency for Development, while supplementing regional cooperation programmes conducted by the French Pacific territories and certain projects managed by Oceanian regional organisations.
The preferred types of projects are as follows :

Those whose objective is to reinforce relations between France and French Pacific territories with Oceanian states ;

Those that involve establishments in the French Pacific territories such as enterprises, research centres and universities, with a view to enhancing their competencies and potential ;

Those that seek to strengthen the activities of regional organisations to which French Pacific territoires retain full membership or that seek to stimulate relations with those who have regional influence, allowing for the support of French-speaking within the Pacific ;

Those that seek to reinforce the image of France in the region

Those that seek to allow the facilitation of exchanges between French Pacific territories and their neighbours

The Pacific Fund has generally intervened with the co-financing of projects and their management since 2005 through the AFD agencies in Noumea and Papeete through :

direct assistance to the beneficiary of the project

other fund donors making available material and human resources

The priority areas of the Pacific Fund are those determined by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs for the Pacific region. They reflect the priorities of the French Pacific territories and those of the Pacific Plan : health, sustainable and environmental development, agriculture, good governance, culture and oceanian heritage, fisheries resources, regional economic integration and so forth.

Published on 14/02/2008

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