ALL APPLICATIONS now require TAKING THE PICTURE AND THE TEN FINGERPRINTS OF EACH APPLICANT. This is a decision taken by the EU Comission for all Schengen state’s consulates worldwide.

This procedure IS COMPULSORY FOR EVERY SINGLE VISA APPLICANT AGED 12 YEARS AND OVER including exchange students an students under 18 (through associations approved by this Embassy) and these informations are valid for a period of 5 years.


Whether your finger prints and picture is still valid or not, all applicants HAVE TO be lodged IN PERSON by taking an appointment by contacting the Embassy.

IT IS NO LONGER ALLOWED TO LODGE BY POST except if you are resident of Kiribati, Nauru, Tuvalu and Tonga, in which case, if your biometrics are up to date, you can apply by post.

Otherwise, the visa section STOPS TAKING POSTAL APPLICATION. Every application received in this format will be SENT BACK with instructions to lodge in person.


• the heads of State and governments and the membres of national governments, as well as their spouse, no matter the reason of their travel;

• themembres of the official heads of State and government delegations and membres of a national government when invited by the government of a member state or by international organizations for an official reason;

• the souvereigns, who would not be already exempted as head of State, and the other eminent royal family membres, when invited by a membre state or by international organizations for an official reason.

Published on 09/08/2016

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