Launch of the 2016 Kula Awards workshops [fr]

The workshops preparing the running schools for the Kula Awards film competition start today in Suva!

The Kula Awards competition can finally start!


This morning started the first workshops conducted by the French filmmaker Jérôme Genevray aimed at teaching the running students how to make a short movie.

Genevray will follow the chronological film making process to conduct these workshops by teaching them:
- how to write a script
- how to film a movie
- how to do the post-production

The workshops will be held in Suva from today May 16th to May 18th.

Then the workshops will be held in Lautoka from 19th to 21st in order to teach the other half of the running competitors how to make a movie.

At the end of the week, all the teams would have had given to them all the means necessary to make their movie for the competition which is to held from July 22nd to 23rd.

Published on 10/08/2016

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