Le discours de M. BERG

On the occasion of « Beaujolais Nouveau » Cocktail
Thursday, 18 November 2005

Speech by French Ambassador H.E. Mr Eugene Berg

Ni sa bula vinaka. E ka ni marau dina vei au ni dou turawa kece nikua ena songo ongo.

In vino veritas...

We are gathered here tonight in faithful recognition of an everlasting tradition which takes place every year, all over the world. The third Thursday of November is the celebration of Beaujolais Nouveau. We celebratr this event here tonight thanks to the assistance and services of
Mr Liam Hindle, Managing Director of Victoria Wines, and Mr Stuart Murray, Manager of Tanoa Plaza,

Beaujolais wine is relatively young, compared with other famous ones from Bordeaux, Bourgogne or even Champagne. It is made from the Gamay grape variety which grows on light granite soil, not so comparable with the more aristocratic Pinot grape, but still the wine produced has a generosity and robustness which with its twinkling ruby red colour and redcurrant perfume is indeed unique, and therefore most appealing.

Beaujolais Village grows along a triangular area between Belle Ville, Beaujolais and Maçon in an area of 6,320 hectares which is 3 times the size of Nauru and which produces around 4 million cases of wine per year.

If geography has been said to be the projection of human will on the upper side of the earth’s crust, then a good wine, fresh and gallant like, expresses a social structure, a talent for trade and an endeavour for hard work.

I am sure many of you will be able to see the film of Jonathan Nossiter «I am a citizen». Some of you certainly know the «Journey of Mr Perrichon » of the dramatist La Biche.

Two young gentlemen argue over the hand of a girl. The first is happy enough to have saved the life of the father during a stroll in the mountains and is convinced that his desire will be fulfilled. Next day the second man thinks he has found the answer. He allows himself to fall into a crevasse and the undaunted Mr Perrichon lends him his walking stick to save him. Now, which man do you think the father grants his preference to ?

To the second, naturally. He is not all that happy to be constantly reminded that he has a great debt toward the first man, but he is very proud to speak of his own heroism.

Alcohol is like love.
The first kiss is magic,
The second is intimate,
The third is routine.

Let us enjoy this Beaujolais Nouveau evening, with a feeling that we are part of a world of better understanding, goodwill, pleasure, dedication and generosity.

Thank you and vinaka vaka levu !

Published on 27/11/2008

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