Notice of issuance of visas

Our TTServices in Suva is now issuing visas, however it is only authorized to process the following visa applications:

* Family establishment (long stay).
* Professional reason (long stay), as well as exceptionally short stay visas for professional reasons in certain cases.
* Studies (short and long stay).
* Spouse of French national (short and long stay).
This excludes the most common short-stay visas (tourist or family visit).

2 - For your information, the following are now authorized to enter France:

* French nationals + spouses (married, civil union, common-law, subject to a continuous, verifiable and serious community of life) + children
* European nationals + married spouse + children either 1 - in transit through France to another country,
or 2 - already having their residence in France (therefore a non-resident cannot go to France for holidays for example).
* Nationals of third countries (including Fijians) already having their main residence in France, which excludes newcomers.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Last updated on: 16 July 2020