Pacific Funds projects in the region

Please refer the to the list below covering projects supported by the Pacific Fund for the countries accredited to the Embassy of France in Suva. For further information please click onto the relevant pages concerning the country of your choice.

Regional projects

Ø Support to the Pacific Islands Forum (2000)

Ø Support to the Pacific Power Association (2003 -20,000 euros)

Ø PICTA workshops (2004-30 000 euros, 2005 - 42,000 euros)

Ø Publication of Flash Océanie (2005-20 000 euros, 2006 - 30,000 euros,
2007-30 000 euros)

Ø Training of diplomats from the Forum member states (2006 - 33,000 euros)

Ø Pacific delegation to the France-Oceania Summit (2006)

Ø Melanesia/Polynesia Conference (2006-30 000 euros, 2007 - 25,000 euros)





Published on 14/02/2008

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