Students from New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna visit Fiji

Exchanges between the French territories and Fiji are still going well in 2017. From September 11th to the 20th, students from Canala Middle School in New Caledonia visited Suva. On September the 18th the trade students arrived from Wallis and Futuna High School and are currently doing their internship at Vinod Patel, Suva.


Canala Middle School is paired with Suva Grammar School

New-Caledonia students were accommodated with the families of Suva Grammar School’s students. Suva Grammar School is one of the schools where French has been taught for a long time. Nowadays, French classes are provided by teachers from the French Alliance. These teachers usually come from New Caledonia. Language exchanges are making bonds between both countries stronger.

This visit is also an occasion to learn more about Fijian culture. New Caledonian students were invited to spend time with Fijian families, high school, visiting the National Museum and the botanic garden, the Reserve Bank and the Allaince française. On this particular occasion, the Fijian teacher of the Alliance gave them Fijian language and culture classes.


Students from Wallis and Futuna High School, studying trade, are here in Suva to complete their internship at Vinod Patel’s

They will practice their English skills in a large retail hardware shop. They were welcomed by the Alliance française and attended Fijian classes as well. The fifteen students are accommodated at the Fiji National University (FNU) campus.

This internship program in Fiji has taken place for the last six years and is a very successful program. On one hand it permits French students to discover the professional world in an important Fijian company and on another hand it promotes cultural and language knowledge through those exchanges.

Published on 22/09/2017

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