TOTAL Fiji Limited (TFL)

TOTAL (Fiji) Ltd.

TOTAL entered Fiji and Tonga

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through the purchase of Shell’’s assets in November 2006, and has established itself as one of the major players in the Fiji oil market since. The business consists of a full suite of ground activities including network (service stations), commercial and bulk fuels, marine activities, and lubricants.

TFL owns 7 storage facilities in Fiji and Tonga: most important ones are located in Walu Bay (Suva), Rodwell Road (Suva), Vuda (Lautoka) and Nuku’’ Alofa (Tonga) with a total capacity of 13,308,000 gallons in Fiji and 450,000 gallons in Tonga. 6 of these depots are operated by TOTAL while the remaining one is managed by an agent with a strong technical support from TOTAL (Fiji) Ltd.

TFL operates a fleet of 25 trucks used for ground deliveries.

Fuel supplies to TOTAL operations in Tonga, Wallis and Futuna, Nauru are organized from Fiji through TOTAL’’s LCT (Sara Teresa). TOTAL (Fiji) also supplies fuels in drums to Tuvalu and lubricants to Western Samoa and Kiribati.
TOTAL is one of three majors operating in Fiji today with an overall market share of around 40%. TOTAL (Fiji) Limited operates 24 service stations in Fiji and 7 in Tonga, with approximately 300 commercial accounts covering a range of industry segments ranging from government agencies to agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism etc. TOTAL (Fiji) Limited is also market leader in the Marine segment with 70% share of Marine Diesel volumes and 100% of High Sulfur Fuel Oil (HSFO) volumes.

- Lubricants

A wide range of lubricants are available for all applications for petrol and diesoline vehicles. There are specific oils for the engine, transmission, gear box and hydraulics is available for all industries in Fiji. We have lubricants for passenger vehicles, large commercial companies with transportation fleet or marine vessels.

- Technical Support

It has been our commitment over the years to supply various Fiji industries, with a comprehensive technical support package. As an important service to our customers TFL has its own technical support staff based in our Suva office to offer support and technical advice to our valuable customers.

- TOTAL Club Card

TOTAL Club Card is the first and only fuel card in the Fiji market that utilises the most modern “memory chip” technology to provide a secure mode of payment and enables you to control your fuel expenditure.
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TOTAL Club Card reduces the risk of theft as the cards are PIN protected to provide additional security in the event it is lost or stolen. It offers customer to add restrictions per card in terms of product purchases, days and time restriction for purchases, monthly purchase ceilings and restriction by zones.
TOTAL Club Card offers personalisation of cards and can facilitate customer details such as company / cardholder name and vehicle registration number.
It allows better control, planning and monitoring of fuel purchases and consumption. The Club Card guarantees products and services at TOTAL Service Stations.

- Key Benefits of TOTAL Club Card

An undeniable modern technology that helps to meticulously curb and control fuel consumption for individuals and companies with fleet
•An electronic data capture network with terminals, which capture 100% of all TOTAL Card transactions online and updated to customer accounts daily.
•Our service stations are intelligently equipped with back up services to provide uninterrupted online services to our customers, even in cases of natural disasters and power shut down.
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Hence, TOTAL Club Card does not provide any option for manual transactions on our cards, ultimately safeguarding our customers from potential fraudulent activity.

As the fourth largest publicly-traded integrated oil and Gas Company in the world and a major actor in the chemicals business, TOTAL has operations in more than 130 countries on five continents with approximately 111,773 employees.
To meet growing energy needs on a long-term basis, TOTAL’’s strategy involves deploying a sustainable growth model combining the acceptability of its activities with a sustained program of profitable investments.

- Upstream Business

The Upstream business encompasses oil and natural gas exploration, development and production, along with our coal, gas and power activities. Exploration and Production has activities in more than 40 countries with production in 30 of these countries. TOTAL’’s Upstream segment aims at continuing to combine long-term growth and profitability at the levels of the best

- Downstream Business

The Downstream segment conducts TOTAL’s refining, marketing, trading and shipping activities. TOTAL operates 450 sites all over the world out of which 222 are Terminals (site operated by TOTAL with marine facility for receiving and loading products from water-borne vessels) which makes TOTAL one of the most experienced and most important Oil Companies in the operatorship of depots and airport Terminals.

- Chemicals

The Chemicals segment includes Base Chemicals, with petrochemicals and fertilizers, and Specialty Chemicals, with the Group’s rubber processing, resins, adhesives and electroplating activities.


In a market where established multinational oil companies are leaving, TOTAL is expanding its operations. Today, TOTAL operates or sells in 7 countries in the Pacific (Fiji, Tonga, New Caledonia, Wallis & Futuna, Kiribati, Western Samoa and French Polynesia). TOTAL is the most important Major Oil Company operator in the Pacific after the withdrawal of Shell from Fiji, Tonga and Western Samoa in 2006 and the withdrawal of BP in 2009. Today, TOTAL has significant assets in the Pacific Region.

Figure 1. TOTAL’’s presence in the Pacific Islands

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Published on 28/10/2010

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