The French poet and singer Mr. Jean Ferrat has passed away.


The French poet and singer Mr. Jean Ferrat died on Saturday, 13th of March, 2010, at the age of 79 years. The French Embassy would like to highlight the life-work of a “sacred monster”.

Born in 1930 in Vaucresson, Jean Ferrat attended the Jules Ferry High School of Versailles. He was forced to interrupt his studies and started to be involved in theatre and in playing jazz music. Then he definitely embraces a career as singer.

Mr. Jean Ferrat was well-known to have composed music and sung Louis Aragon’s poems, like “Les Yeux d’Elsa” (“Elsa’s Eyes”), his first song, in 1956.

But Jean Ferrat was too an engaged man. However, the son of a Russian Jew always refused to commit himself in a political party. He remained discreet his all life in front of the medias and public opinion. Nevertheless, he wrote some engaged singings as “Nuit et brouillard” (“Night and fog”, about the Second World War) in 1963 and “Camarade” (1970), in which he denounces the Russian invasion in Prague of 1968.

France is attached to pay a tribute to his giant of songs and overall to the man he was. “With Jean Ferrat, it’s a great noun and a intransigent conception of french song which disappears” declared French Republic President, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy. “Jean Ferrat was supportive of French song of high quality, demonstrating that it didn’t need to renounce to a high level of requirement to be popular”.

For his fellow musician Georges Moustaki, “he was an exemplary person; he never sacrificed something that had good value for him”. And Mrs. Mireille Matthieu adds: “he was a sacred monster, like Ferré, Brel, Brassens”.
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Published on 24/03/2010

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