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Press conference

Meet the organisors of the France 2007’s and the French teams profile at the Press Conference.

Alliance française de Suva, 14 McGreggor Rd on Monday 16 July 2007 at 10.30 am.

Visit of Ratu Navula HS

In order to make the France 2007’s Tournament a true cross-cultural experience, the French teams from French Polynesia, Wallis & Futuna and New Caledonia will visit one of the participating high schools, Ratu Navula (Nadi), on the day before the tournament.

The visit will take place at Ratu Navula High School on Wednesday 18 July at 11am.

Press Cocktail

A press cocktail is organised on Tuesday 10 July at 6.30pm at the Residence of the French Ambassador.

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Media Release 02/07/07

FRANCE 2007’s

Before Fiji flies to France for the World Cup, 5 French U19 teams will be playing 7s rugby in Fiji.

Under 19 French teams from Perpignan, Tahiti, New-Caledonia and Wallis will play Fiji Secondary School teams during a two-day tournament in Prince Charles Park, Nadi.

Initiated by the French Embassy in Suva, the France 2007’s tournament builds up to the Rugby World Cup, which will take place in France from September 7 until October 30, 2007. The international dimension of the event makes it a unique opportunity for an extensive cultural exchange between young Fijian and French Pacific Islanders. With its popularity in both countries, rugby is the ideal medium to breach the language barrier.

France 2007’s is also meant to be the first edition of an annual celebration of U19 7s rugby in Fiji. As the world champions of Sevens Rugby, Fiji is known throughout the whole world and we must not forget that this shortened version of Rugby contributes immensely in various areas of development in the country.

FRANCE 2007’s
Thursday 19th and Friday 20th July, 2007
Prince Charles Park, Nadi

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Published on 14/07/2007

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