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Individual requests : Undergraduate Enrolment (Licence : L1, L2, L3 - LMD system)

You are a foreign student and you would like to register for the first time in undergraduate courses. You must complete a Pre-Admission Request (Demande d’Admission Préalable = DAP). The application can be obtained from the cultural services of the French Embassy if you live in a foreign country or from any French University if you live in France.

The Pre-Admission Request has to be received between November 15 and January 15 preceding the beginning of the term (Decree n° 811221 dated 31/12/81).

You must submit a residency permit with one year validity due to the right of residence of spouse or parents with three-year validity. A degree from your native country must also be submitted, potentially equivalent to one of our degrees. A covering letter is also required as well as a description of previous studies.

A good knowledge of the French language is necessary. Candidates are subject to a test of linguistics held in February. Holders of the DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de la Langue Française) are exempt from that test. In some specific cases, candidates are exempt from the Pre-Admission Request and/or of the French language test.

In all cases, admission depends on the availability of studies and courses offered by U.P.F. according to the class capacities and the level of candidates. Please check this matter with the university or the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

Individual requests : Postgraduate Enrolment (Master M1, M2 - LMD system)

All foreign candidates planning to register in postgraduate courses must hold an undergraduate degree (L3) upon arriving in France or have a minimum of six semesters of undergraduate studies.

Recognized Equivalent Overseas School Qualifications To obtain an equivalence of your qualifications, applications have to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office (Direction de la Scolarité) during the month of July preceding the beginning of the term. A committee will examine all applications and has the authority to call in the candidate to confirm his/her knowledge in the concerned subject(s) and to check his/her understanding of the French language (a good level is requested). The decision to accept the candidate is done by the President of U.P.F. with the committee’s advice. All candidates who are not French citizens have to provide as much information as possible about their level of knowledge in the French language.

If enrollment in postgraduate courses is refused, the student can be admitted at the undergraduate level if he/she has filled out a Pre-Admission Request (DAP) between November 15 and January 15 preceding the beginning of the term. The presentation of the original degree is compulsory upon final enrolment.

Comparison with Anglo-Saxon Degrees

There is no direct legal equivalence between foreign and French degrees (apart from the LMD system used by the countries of the European union). Consequently, requests are processed individually by the appealed institution. Any decision of equivalence integrates not only the degrees obtained by the student in his/her native country, but also program requirements, number of years studied, and institution(s) attended.


Published on 20/05/2008

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