Tournament Rules

1.The France 2007s will be competed by 12 Under 19 teams.

2.The teams will be divided in 4 pools of 3 each.

3.Each team will provide its own jerseys and wear its colour.

4.Duration of Matches
4.1 Each match in pool play shall be 14 minutes with 2 spells of 7 minutes each
way with a 1 minute break at halftime.
4.2 All matches shall commence at the appointed time

If any team fails to attend and play at an appointed time, it shall forfeit the match and points in favour of the opposing team.

6.Mode of Play
6.1 The system of play in the pool system shall be addition of points after the match against the other team in the same pool.
Win - 3 points
Draw - 2 points
Loss - 1 point
No Show - 0 Points
The team scoring the highest points shall be the winner in the Pool.
6.2 The sequence of qualifying criteria in each group shall be determined as follows:
a) number of points
b) points difference
c) number of points scored
d) score of direct encounter in pool
6.3 After applying the above criteria any two or more teams are still equal in every respect, then the determination of the placing of the teams shall be decided by the toss of a coin.
6.4 The team with the highest points in the pool shall advance to semifinal.
6.5 The semifinal shall be 14 minutes duration with 2 spells of 7 minutes each way and a 1 minute break. The final shall be of 20 minutes duration with 2 spells of 10 minutes each way and a 2 minute break at halftime and shall be played on the knockout system. In the event of a match resulting in a draw at the end of the prescribed time, the match shall be extended by a sudden death extra time. This shall be a period of 3 minutes each way. If the match is still tied, the teams must change sides and play-on. As soon as a side scores any points, the match is stopped and the side that scores is declared the winner.
Tournament Squads
i.All teams will be entitled to have the following squads:
up to 10 players;
up to 2 management;
Declaration of Squad
i.The team manager shall be required to submit a squad (max 10 players) for the tournament. The squad including shirt numbers shall be submitted no later than 72 hours prior to the start of the tournament.
Should a player become injured then the player may be replaced at the Participating team’ cost.
ii.Players must retain the same shirt number throughout the Tournament.

Published on 14/07/2007

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