Update - Fijian Rugby Players in France

The quality of the Fijian rugbymen is famous even 18, 000km away, in France, where a lot of them went to play, came back from, or stayed.

Numerous players are actually enrolled in French team or switched to another European team. Unfortunately, as it is especially hard to follow their tracks, we cannot provide you of an exhaustive list of the Fijian players playing in France.

However, here are some rough statistics of their presence in France and French teams:

- More than 150 Fijian rugbymen are actually enrolled in French teams, wether they stayed in the team that first welcomed them or switched to another one;

Among them:
-28 are in top14
- 51 are in ProD
- around 50 are in 3rd division

Interesting fact however, Virimi Vakatawa, Fijian rugbyman, is part of the official French 7’s team.


Published on 24/05/2016

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