DuoDay at the French Embassy

The French Embassy in Suva organized on the 18th November a #DuoDay partnership with Fiji Disabled Peoples Federation whereby an attachee was with the Embassy team for a whole day.

The member of the Fiji Disabled Peoples Federation Leslie Tikotikoca spent a day with the Embassy with the following people:

  • French Ambassador Mr François-Xavier Léger
  • Deputy Head of Mission Mrs Laurence Brattin-Nerriere
  • Communications Officer Mrs Ana Ravulo
  • Executive Assistant Mrs Luisa Bole
  • New Caledonia Representative to Fiji Ms Rose Wete
  • NCT&I Export Representative Mr Rhenaud Hette

After his time with the team at the Embassy was held a press conference with the local media to futher inform the public of DuoDay and its significance. During this press conference, the Deputy Head of Mission Mrs Laurence Brattin-Nerriere recalled that DuoDay was a yearly event and that was the first time for the French Embassy in Suva to be part of it. She mentioned that it’s important to discuss with people with disbalities the challenges they face and it was enriching for the Embassy staff to learn and incorporate an environment that is disability friendly.

Attachee Leslie Tikotikoca thanked the Embassy for inviting Fiji Disable Peoples Federation to represent this DuoDay. He said as a person with disability, this is his first time to step in an Embassy and found it very enriching and refreshing on how to talk and know about the role in the Embassy at a Diplomatic Level. Leslie mentioned that he talked with the Ambassador on certain projects we could work on, focusing on sports, as it’s a tool of peace, and it brings people together and a partnership has been formed.

All in all, both parties said it was a grateful, humble and heartfelt experience.

Last updated on: 21 November 2021